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Within the framework of the Tempus project, “Higher Engineering Education for Environmentally Sustainable Industrial Development” 543966-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-BE-TEMPUS-JPCR ( ) funded by the European Union, a consulting and training center for sustainable development was established on the basis of the Department of Energy Management and Technical Diagnostics of the IFNTUOG. This center of sustainable development is aimed at demonstrating the potential of renewable energy and determining the efficient use of energy for this, it is filled with appropriate equipment produced by the EU and Ukraine.

To demonstrate the potential of solar energy on the roof of a training building, which houses a consulting and training center for sustainable development, an array of 6 single-crystal type photoelectric panels with a total capacity of 1.5 kW is installed. Photovoltaic panels with a capacity of 250 W produced by Eurener (Spain, are oriented south at an angle of 35 ° to the horizon and mounted on the roof with the Walraven BIS Solar Fixing System (Netherlands, https: // www. To ensure the conversion of energy from photovoltaic panels to the energy supplied to the electrical network of the IFNTUOG building, one-phase on-grid inverter SMA SUNNY BOY-1,5 (SMA Solar Technology AG, Germany, is used. The given combination of equipment implements a complete network solar power plant, the network inverter is installed on a specialized stand, respectively, for review and conduct the necessary research. Network Inverter SMA SUNNY BOY-1.5 is equipped with a wi-fi module and an internal web server for remote data transmission and monitoring of the operation of the demonstration network solar power station.

For the purpose of research of different types (mono and polycrystalline) and manufacturers of photovoltaic panels, a microinvertor network (SMA Sunny Boy 240, 250 W power) with a SMA Sunny Multigate system was installed at the corresponding stand in the premises of the consulting and training center. with the possibility of collecting monitoring data for each photovoltaic panel through the local network.

In order to obtain regional meteorological data and, in the first place, to determine the level of regional insolation (solar radiation power), the consulting and training center for sustainable development is equipped with the professional compact meteorological station WS301-UMB manufactured by G. Lufft Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH (Germany, https: // www The given meteorological station for the measurement of solar power includes CMP3 Precision Wide Angle CMP3 from Kipp & Zonen (Netherlands, In addition to determining the power of solar radiation, this meteorological station in real time allows you to get the value of temperature and relative humidity of air and the value of atmospheric pressure.

The demonstration of renewable energy foundations at the SSC is carried out using LexSolar Training Sets (Germany, These kits are used to demonstrate the principles of the solar (Educational kit of LexSolar leXsolar-PV Professional (1118) and wind energy (Educational kit of LexSolar leXsolar WindProfessional (1406) and the use of renewable energy sources in modern smart grids to optimally transfer energy and reduce the use of fossil fuels (Educational kit of LexSolar leXsolarSmartGridProfessional (1607). All sets are made in modular layout, which allows you to combine elements of several training sets into various models of power supply systems.

Accordingly, demonstration of the principles of the most energy-efficient transport of heat energy from the environment is carried out using a heat pump model manufactured by Fruhmann GmbH NTL Manufacturer & Wholesaler (Austria,

The estimation of the efficiency of consumption and energy conservation is demonstrated in the consulting and training center for the sustainable development of the IFNTUNG on the basis of a wide range of equipment of the energy audit laboratory of the Department of Energy Management and Technical Diagnostics. The capabilities of this laboratory have expanded significantly due to the equipment purchased in the framework of the project – an electric energy meter and a multifunctional instrument for measuring heat losses. Metrel MI 2892 (Slovenia, allows you to carry out a comprehensive analysis of the electrical grids and, accordingly, evaluate the efficiency of electricity consumption by various electrical equipment. Accordingly, in order to demonstrate the capabilities of the Metrel MI 2892, a dedicated three-phase electrical shield with safe access to phase current conductors for measuring current and in accordance with potential voltage measurement points has been installed in the premises of the sustainable development consulting and training center. This device allows to continuously record about 10 indicators of the state of the electrical network within a week with corresponding accumulation of monitoring data.

In turn, the testo 435-2 (Germany, multifunctional heat loss measuring device with a probe for measuring the heat transfer coefficient allows you to obtain the most important characteristic of heat loss in a building, building or building structure. The direct measurement of thermal losses by the testo 435-2 device, together with the infrared shooting by the thermal imager, allows not only qualitatively, but also quantitatively determine the thermal losses through the enclosing structures in W/m2.


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